TR 2015 Cyber Monday 2016

TR 2015 . 70s Bohemia and all American chic is what True Religion is all about. From their vintage style finishes to the kick bottom flares that every trend

If you've ever purchased a pair of sneakers because you saw your favorite celebrity wearing them, Pharrell has a message for you.

TR 2015 Cyber Monday 2016, As Skateboard P and adidas Originals prepare for the launch of his Supercolor ?Superstar pack?on March 27, they've launched an interactive preview of the collection as well as a video where Pharrell sheds light on inspiration behind the project.

Don't choose to play drums because I chose to play drums, Pharrell says. In other words, don't cop a certain sneaker or colorway just because you see Pharrell?wearing them, or any other celebrity for that matter, go for what you ?like. What makes us all individuals is that we can all choose for ourselves. Your choice is important as mine. Supercolor. 50 colors, 50 choices.

True Religion Jeans Joey Petite - Dark Pony Express Womens
True Religion Jeans Joey Petite - Dark Pony Express Womens
TR 2015 Cyber Monday 2016 You can view the entire collection at adidas now before it drops.