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When it comes to food, taste is obviously the most important factor; so much so that the packaging is often overlooked. Who really cares what kind of container the grub comes in, just as long as itˇ¦s appetizing, right? Wrong.

TR CA Cyber Monday 2016, Even though many consumers tend to take it for granted, packaging is crucial in the realm of brand name food. Many of the bottles and bags we grew up with were incredibly game-changing, not only in design but in their ability to launch the product into icon status.

This week, NPR decided to take an in-depth look at some of the worldˇ¦s most famous food packaging to learn more about their origins and significance.

TR CA Cyber Monday 2016 You can check out some of the highlights below. To read the full list, head to NPR ˇ¦s website .

Tootsie Roll

Though Tootsie Rolls never get much love, their wrappers are pretty recognizable. During the 1960s, the company introduced the iconic red and brown wrapper with the distinct bold font.? It's a chewy, dark font that perfectly reflects the Tootsie Roll candy, ? Ellen Lupton , senior curator at the Smithsonian's?Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum , tells NPR .

Coca-Cola Bottle

TR CA Cyber Monday 2016 Perhaps one of the most iconic package designs of all time, the Coca-Cola bottle is celebrating its? 100th ?anniversary this year. In 1915, the soda company decided to distinguish its product from its competitorsˇ¦, so it teamed up with glass manufacturers to design the contour bottle we know today. The unique curved shape was inspired by the grooves of a cocoa bean, and made its official debut in 1916.


Is there anything worse than a bag full of crushed chips? Absolutely, but eating messy crumbs is never a good look. So in 1968,?Pringles?decided to solve that problem by creating a tubular can to perfectly hold the saddle-shaped chips. And although there are a few copycats out today, this unique can will also be associated with the?Pringles?brand.?

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