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Back in 2013, former interns at Condé Nast filed a class-action lawsuit against the company claiming that they were underpaid while working on several of the publisher's magazines, including? Vogue, GQ , and? Glamour ?. A settlement was reached in 2014, and Condé Nast agreed to pay the thousands of interns a total of $5.9 million. Because legal battles usually take a while, WWD reports that the 7,500 former interns can finally begin to collect their share of the money, which will be between $700 and $1,900, depending on the type of internship they had. ?

TR Sale Cyber Monday 2016, The breakdown of how much the interns will receive is much less impressive than the $5.9 million total. Summer interns in the fashion closet of a magazine will receive between?$1,400 and $1,900, non-closet summer interns will get $1,000 if they had a stipend or $1,400 if they didn't, and interns who worked during the school year will get between $700 and $1,250, all before Uncle Sam takes his cut. The lawyers are the ones who really win, as New York-based firm Outten & Golden LLP will reportedly make?$768,500.

The former interns have until June 16 to file individually for the settlement, otherwise they're even more screwed.

True Religion Becky Big T Stretch - Wildcat Medium Womens
True Religion Becky Big T Stretch - Wildcat Medium Womens
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