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Controversial photographer Terry Richardson is obsessed with sex. His collection of work has included eyebrow-raising images of celebrities ranging from Beyoncé to Rihanna to Kate Upton . He was also recently commissioned by Playboy to shoot an entire issue that hit newsstands last month ¡Xproving he is far from abandoning his provocative vision any time soon, even after facing numerous allegations of sexual assault last year .

TR Crops Cyber Monday 2016, This month, Richardson launched a new exhibit in Paris titled ¡§ The Sacred and the Profane ,¡¨ which, as expected, features a lot of nudity and a lot of sex. Following the exhibit¡¦s opening, Richardson met up with Clique TV to discuss the series of photos he took around American highways over the last two years.

In television or media, you can see violence, you can see news war footage, that to me, is completely really hard emotionally to even see sometimes. But you can¡¦t show a naked body, he says in the interview . It¡¦s natural to be naked [¡K] people are always very shocked by that. To me, it¡¦s absolutely sacred. ?

TR Crops Cyber Monday 2016 Check out the filmed interview above to hear Richardson dish about his journey and the sociology behind the exhibit¡¦s theme.

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