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A Kentucky fan by the name of Rock Wright is convinced his team will walk away with the 2015 NCAA Championship title. So much so that he went out and got a tattoo that celebrated the Wildcats・ victory with a perfect 40-0 record. Clearly he didn・t learn anything from these crazy fans .?

TR T-shirts Cyber Monday 2016, Though experts have given Kentucky? favorable odds , the team still needs to win five more games in order for the tat to be true. If they end up dropping the ball, however, Wright has a back-up plan: He・ll change the :5; to a :2; and cover :4-0; with :38-2.; So at least he・s considered the worst-case scenario, unlike this guy who is walking around like an idiot.

@KatzM @WLKY He'll change the 5 to a 2 and the 40-0 to a bolder/bigger 38-2.

X Marissa Alter (@WLKYMarissa) March 19, 2015

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Fashion True Religion Flare Jeans Mens USA Store
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