True Religion UK Cyber Monday 2016

True Religion UK . 70s Bohemia and all American chic is what True Religion is all about. From their vintage style finishes to the kick bottom flares that every trend

Last season, Tres Bien dropped its largest in-house collection yet . If you guessed that the S/S 15 collection, the shop's third overall, would be smaller, well, you would be dead wrong and also kinda stupid because, like, why would the best store in the world not fucking kill it? S/S 15 is set to be Tres Bien's largest private label menswear collection yet to date. Style Dot Com got the exclusive sneak peek at the gear with a nine slide teaser. And when the teaser is nine slides, you know shit is about to be blown the fuck out. Think about it. Nine full looks as a teaser ? For a lot of brands that's all they've got, but, again, and I can't say this enough, Tres Bien is not some regular ass brand. I'm putting the over-under on this collection at a firm 16 slides. Last season was 11 and when you bill shit as your biggest collection yet, it can't be simply marginally bigger. Nah, it has to be significantly bolstered and strengthened. Anyway, take a look at what's here and be amazed even if it's not game changing. It's your standard Tres Bien: That is, to say, perfectly minimal and exceedingly good looking with slim pants, cool details, exclusive navy and gum sole Common Projects, perfect topcoats, all over print suits (very Our Legacy) and clean plaid shirts. You can't really miss with any of it. Expect to see the the entirety of S/S 15 and be able to purchase it very soon. We'll keep you updated.

True Religion UK Cyber Monday 2016,
New True Religion Flare Jeans Mens US Sale
New True Religion Flare Jeans Mens US Sale
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