True Religion Hoodie Cyber Monday 2016

True Religion Hoodie . 70s Bohemia and all American chic is what True Religion is all about. From their vintage style finishes to the kick bottom flares that every trend

*Busts open Four Pins office doors* ALRIGHT, WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK?! WE'VE NEVER WRITTEN ABOUT MELINDA GLOSS ? ARE YOU GODDAMN SERIOUS? IS THIS A FUCKING JOKE? LIKE, NEVER? NOT ONCE? JESUS CHRIST. Okay, well, first off, you're blowing it because Melinda Gloss is the tits. Second, let's remedy this shit, shall we?

True Religion Hoodie Cyber Monday 2016,
True Religion Bootcut Leg Jeans Mens Cheap Sale
True Religion Bootcut Leg Jeans Mens Cheap Sale
This is Melinda Gloss' F/W 15 collection and, as the previous sentence tipped you off, it's the tits. The rich reds, camels and navy really set off a color palette that has become increasingly popular as of late. You can also see the shades of Valentino with that boxy pattern on jackets and, as a whole, it's sort of like if Ami and Valentino had a lovechild. True story, I was actually obsessed with a Melinda Gloss piece a couple of seasons ago. It was this weird sweater/hoodie that?looked like licensed Jedi Council garb. I didn't end up buying it though, mostly because when I tried it on someone told me I kind of looked like foreskin and once you get compared to an actual penis, there's no recovering. But this collection needs no recovering. The slouchy tailoring look is common throughout and, as per usual, the outerwear is the standout, from cropped jackets to shearling topcoats to a cape adorned with some mythological figure on the back. You'll feel like a Greek god in this shit, that's for damn sure.